Strain Review: Styrofoam Cup by Team Elite Genetics


Lineage/Genetics: Gmo X Sunset Sherbet

Breeder: Cannarado Genetics

Grower: Team Elite Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Styrofoam Cup Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

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Intro- the other day I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Castillo, the President of Team Elite Genetics, who has you all know, is a straight legend with 26 cannabis cups! When he pulled out his personal bag, the terps that flew through the air almost knocked me out, right away from the first glance and first wiff, I knew something special was coming.. you guys know that feeling when your gonna get some of the best weed of your life? The big cheesing smile, adrenaline rush etc? Yeah this is that weed. And the banana taffy is even better!! which I’ll review next, I used a lot of characters here, but let’s dig in!

Aroma: 95.5/100
Loud! Stanky skunky funky musky dirty dishwater terps, major funk, major musk, with a sweet thick cream behind it. Breaking the nugs reveals a heavy BURNT skunk layer, burnt ice cream, burnt gassy pine sherbet. Pungently burnt. Herbal front floral back.

Appeal: 97/100
Truly exotic looking, leafy but chunky layered organic structure, Causing cleanest burn, & Also keeping the aftergrind super clean!! Although leafy organic, a perfect finish to the product holds it properly nugged & dense! Mostly greens & ‘roasted’ in purples, AMBER ‘CLUSTER CHROMES’ COAT the nug, giving greasy silver streaking appearances! Dark orange pistils have incredible length and stature! Super sticky, while maintaining the ‘frozen crisp’ finish. The Trichomes are PERFECTION!

Burn 92/100 Taste 95/100
Clean pleasant burn, white ash, with some grey, and rare pepper. Had some drip to it. Taste were actually more floral sweet ice cream gassy burnt sherbet then I expected, with the herbal spice & musky funk terps coming secondary.

Effect 95/100 potency 95/100
Very heavy relaxing, body buzz strong af, gravitational chest pull. Eyes drop, headband feeling, major downer headchange, almost sleepy, but with light creativity, & thought-flow. Effects hit in 4-5 puffs, finishing the cone had me ripped for 3 hours, & a sleepy light buzz for rest of the day! Straight chronic!

Overall: 95.5/100

Nothing for sale

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