Vape Review: Stuffed Donut Cured Resin Sauce Cart by Team Elite Genetics

STUFFED DONUT CURED RESIN @teamelitegenetics

Lineage/Genetics: Crème de la Crème x Peach Ozz

Original Breeder: Team Elite Genetics

Grower/Processor: Team Elite Genetics

Stuffed Donut Cured Resin Sauce Cart Review

team elite is killing the game with the best terps in cannabis, leading me down a terp chasing rabbit hole that’s only getting better and better.

Air bubble: 92/100
Normal size, good half g cart.

Aroma- 95/100
Pungent, chemical, terpinolene gas, with a floral but musky peach gummy worm, vanilla creamy background .

Dry pull- 94/100
Chemical pungency, peach candy, gassy but creamy, floral, & herbal musk

Taste: 96/100
chemical, pungent, diesel. Then it has hardcore peach candy terps, gummy worm terps (the flower is more gummy worm dominant). Behind that is an herbal spicey musky layer, with a slight vanilla creamy cookie cake mixed with it. The vanilla creamy cake has a minty menthol gas mix also. Clean smooth rips, with insane pressure from the Terpinolene. Exhale is all gummy worm and peach candy, with vanilla cream

Effect 94/100 Potency 95/100
Great indica hybrid vibes. Full body relaxation, chest pressure and stomach pull. Mind has a good relaxing headchange, but with a focus, small energy, and social creativeness. 3 puffs did the job, had me lit for 2 hours off 3 smaller sized puffs meant for tasting.

Overall: 95/100
Excellent solid cured resin vape! The process is the next best thing to solventless! But these exotic terps aren’t available elsewhere! This batch was fire! Giving nova cane cart a run for its money! Nova cane cured resin review soon!

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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