Strain Review: Fuzzy Melon by Team Elite Genetics


Lineage/Genetics: Forbidden Fruit X Watermelon Zkittles

Original Breeder: Dying Breed Seeds

Grower: Team Elite Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Fuzzy Melon Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review


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Slide 9. burn
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Aroma- 97/100
Insane juicy wet melon and watermelon sour candy, lightly chemically pungent, is blended with sweet skittley florals that are Hiding a light peachy apricot layer. Then a Heavy tropical pineapple, mango, citrus lemon layer is blended with the herbal spice and musky side. Very fruity, very sweet, very sour candy, very trop. Lightly pungent, lightly musky.

Appeal- 94.5/100
Light greens fading into darker green mid sections, which fade into purple shading at the tips. Very long peachy orange pistils in thick coverage escape crevices. Amazing organic semi-open structure, leafy, but densely stacked leafy layers. Made up of chunky segments stacked on top of each other, A few quarter-foxtails are molded into the build. Outside trichomes have combination of some ‘fuzzy’ trichomes from shorter stalks and medium heads, and some with medium stalks with bigger heads. These Stalks hug the nug tight appearing “fuzzy” . the Inner trichs are medium stalks with huge blocky chunky heads, freshly salted look, decently greasy, moist & sticky but dried very well supplying very crisp snaps. Great ratios and sizes!

Burn 95/100 Taste 96/100
Pure white ash. Clear wet resin layer forms into a fat gnarly terp ring. DRYPULL: sweet skittley fruity florals. TASTE: tropical fruits and herbal musk. Behind that was the melon candy and light pungency. Sweet skittley florals underneath

Effects 93/100 potency 92/100
4-5 puffs to feel it, half the cone to get baked, finishing the cone has effects for 3 hours. The body starts off with a potency rush to the chest. Strong body buzz, Both uplifted vibes and relaxing vibes. the mind has sativa uplifted vibes in the conscious, but a background relaxing headchange in the subconscious. VERY CALMING while uplifting. Stoney!

Overall: 95/100
This rare batch of fuzzy melon is another ANTI-anxiety sativa, with Rare Terps, great Appeal, perfect Burn, clean effects, great potency!

Nothing is ever for sale
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Fuzzy Melon Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review Pt2

Fuzzy Melon @teamelitegenetics
New Harv Review (10/17)
(Forbidden Fruit x Watermelon Zkittles)

Aroma: A+
This has always been a favorite profile of mine, the juicy pungent watermelon, the fruity tropicals, and citrus haze are just as strong as ever, but the raw zkittles candy floral zoapy citrus cream puff z terp is coming through hard this batch, which is toning down the garlic funk that usually is the prime background smell, loving this z heavy, melon heavy, tropical hazey pungent juiciness.

Appeal: A
Tall leafy/nugged zkittles build but w/ a nice thick density, while keeping a partially open structure. Greens, light greens, yellows and oranges, with slight purp highlights occasionally. The trichomes have thick coverage, and build up to clusterchome peaks with decently large heads and sturdy stalks . The pistols are rusty orange, long and bushy, & escape the crevices in thick patches. The nug has the frozen crisp finish, proper dry, but with a greasy sticky resin layer & inner moisture. great cure/dry/moisture balance.

Burn A+ Taste A+ (vid 9-10)
Fluffy sticky aftergrind, Amazing white ash, slow even burn, & a large terp ring grew into a monster leaky drip. The taste were strong with pungent candy melon, tropical fruits and citrus haze with the gassy garlic undertones, but again that creamy candy cream puff zoapy zkittles floral terp really stood out and wrapped the latter together, juicy taste translations. Pure satisfaction, tier 1 smoke.

Effect A potency A-
Finishing the cone was fairly easy, Strong Euphoric entourage, uplifting, social, confident, creative but with a steady bake, stoney & calming, w/ nice pain relief, surprisingly relaxing for a sativa, but not heavy like an indica, crisp & clean sativa/relaxing effects for 2.5-3 hours.

Overall A
the burn/drip & the taste is a1, & the terps are loud with full genetic expressions. Amazing cure and thick resinous trichome layer, it could possibly be the best batch of fuzzy melon yet. It’s cannabis cup worthy quality, especially the terps & smoke!

NFSOT! Reviews & photography for 21+ medical Mj Patients only!

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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