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Strain Review: Zuyaqui by Real McCoy Farms

Zuyaqui (Dogwalker OG x Horchata) by @the_realmccoyfarms bred by @wyeast_farms2 ✨ Lineage/Genetics: (Dogwalker OG x Horchata) Original Breeder: Wyeast Farms Grower: Real McCoy Farms Terpene Profile: Unknown

Zuyaqui Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

zuyaqui by the real mccoy strain review by pnw_chronicIn terms of visual appeal, the Zuyaqui is outstanding. It’s characterized by dense, bright green nugs with a mix of compact leafage, infrequent pistils and a thick overlay of trichromes across the entire surface. The leafage ranges from pine green to almost black, and the hairs are a striking apricot-orange, creating a gorgeous blend of colors. The trichomes collect in thick, hairy patches with shorter stalks and in-tact resin glands 🤩 The nose on this strain is complex, intense, and ambrosial. On the surface, it’s kushy, gassy, and sweet, with layers of sweet and sour OG, acerbic chem, and sugary candy. Somewhere in the mix of the main profile, there are notes of woodiness, pine, cream, and citrus accentuating the overall presentation. Breaking open a nug releases loud candied gas terps, and the broken up product smells like the bottom of a bag of sour patch kids. All in all, it’s funky, skunky, and sweet⛽️ The taste on the Zuyaqui is deliciously piquant. It’s layered and intricate like the smell is, with a strong kushy forward. It isn’t all kush and gas, though. I get underlying impressions of sweet sugar from the horchata side of the cross that tickles the tongue on exhale and levels out the acuteness of the sour side of the profile. The cultivar gets sweeter as it burns down, and it has a sugary herbal kush aftertaste. Overall, Zuyaqui a treat to smoke 😋 The high on this strain is really enjoyable. It’s a, “floating in the clouds,” feel good, head high that creates a feeling of pressure behind the forehead and some light head fogginess. It also has some moderately heavy body effects with the potential for couch lock and unplanned naps. I found the smoke to be incredibly smooth. It’s not overly sticky, but becomes more so when breaking up by hand, and it produces minor amount of kief when ground up 😶‍🌫️ Overall, Zuyaqui is phenomenal. It checks all of the boxes for me. It’s a beautiful, unique flower with a super complex and electrifying profile. I would highly recommend checking out this and anything else from The Real McCoy Farms 🔥
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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