Strain Review: “The Truffle” (fake) by Trufflez

#thetruffle by @trufflezinc
Gift by my homie @captainmukka

Lineage/Genetics: undisclosed –

Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Unknown

Fake The Truffles Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I heard good and bad things about the trufflez brand. All I can say I can’t judge if I haven’t tried it. I heard the bags be fake the product might be fake . This bag unfortunately is fake based on their ig @trufflezinc . It’s the work good it wasn’t bad. It had a strong fuel diesel 🪵 rubber scent like aroma. Everywhere I go people were either giving me a bad look or some would tell me damn you smell good. The palate is earthy, sweet, butter cream pungent taste. It’s like smoking some good sherb or gelato. It has a tasty sour truffle like aftertaste. The nugs were a beauty purple hues with a cheddar color pistils, Spinach green buds. A bit dry but I used the @bovedainc to keep it moist. The high is medium cerebral high, felt my chest pressuring and part of my head a bit numb. The ashes burn more pepper than salt. The high lasted about 1.5 hours. I wish it could of lasted longer, the highlight is the aftertaste. I let one of my rookies stoner bro try it and he loved it. Overall it wasn’t bad and it was a gift can’t complain. I hope to get some real truffles soon. If anyone that smoke #trufflez give me your opinion.. thank you to my bro @captainmukka for giving me this, it’s the thought that counts. For smoke found on a train in st paddy’s can’t complain .. 4.3/ 5

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