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Cultivar Review: Strawberry C.R.E.A.M. by Epiphany

#StrawberryCream by @epiphany_ny 🍓🍦 Lineage: Strawberry x Cookies N Cream Bred by @exoticgenetix_official Cultivated in NY by Epiphany Terpene Profile: Unknown

Strawberry C.R.E.A.M. Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Remember that tasty gem from the @epiphany_ny drop at @higher.empire a few months back? Well, it’s called Strawberry Cream, and it’s a delightful cross between Strawberry and Cookies & Cream, expertly bred by @exoticgenetix_official. While some connoisseurs might turn their noses up at Cookies & Cream, I must say that when done right, it’s a personal favorite. And with the addition of strawberry, this combination offers a truly favorable taste. But let’s talk about the highlights, starting with the scent. Picture a captivating blend of earthiness and strawberry juice powder fragrance. The after grind hits you with a pungent, flint stones vitamin fruit fuel aroma. Impressive, right? Now, onto the appearance. I was thrilled to find a voluptuous nug in my stash. It’s a sight to behold! As for the palate, prepare yourself for a delicious experience. Think Nesquik Strawberry with a creamy, pungent, sweet vanilla spice aftertaste. The inhalation and exhalation are smooth and sweet, leaving you 😮‍💨. In terms of ash report, it came in at 70% salt and 30% pepper, which is pretty good. I’ve had this Strawberry Cream in my headstash for about 14 weeks, and it still smokes like a champ. Now, let’s discuss the effects. It offers a medium-level cerebral high that kicks in after about 7-8 pulls, with an average onset. The after-smoke high takes you on an intense heady journey, leaving you feeling a bit fatigued, on cloud 9, and sporting those classic low, red eyes. The overall high can last around 2.5 hours, which is quite impressive. In terms of ratings, the high, aroma, and visual appeal all get a perfect 5/5 from me. However, the taste could be improved. Sadly, it didn’t last throughout the entire session. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the smoking experience. Big shoutout to @epiphany_ny, and make sure to check them out at @higher.empire for the latest updates. Don’t miss their Holy Trinity event! — Rating: 4/5 strawberry cream by epiphany strain review by letmeseewhatusmokin
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Check out more reviews by @lms1__186 on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also for the backup.
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Check out more reviews by @lms1__186 on Instagram and Social Club! ( Also for the backup. Social Club:

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