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Cultivar Review: Drip Station by Midnight Fruit Company

Drip Station (Greasy Runtz x Scotty 2 Hotty) by @midnightfruitcompany bred by @exoticgenetix_official ✨ Lineage/Genetics: Greasy Runtz x Scotty 2 Hotty  Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix Grower: Midnight Fruit Company Terpene Profile: Unknown

Drip Station Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

drip station by midnight fruit company strain review by pnw.chronic The Drip Station has striking visual appeal. Consisting of a bright, lime green coloration, each bud is blanketed in a silhouette of dark purple foliage that stretches across its outer surface. Firey-orange pistil fibers protrude out in between the leafage in small, singular strands, while trichome frosting shrouds the outside of each nug, covering the exterior with a silvery veneer 🤩 The DS has a potent fragrance of burning petrol and candied sugar that swiftly envelops the senses in greasy, gassy funk. Subtle notes of heavy cream and dark chocolate are apparent deeper within the expression, but breaking the flower down just unleashes a raunchy burnt rubber and caramelized kerosene scent thats all encompassing. This in-depth, tire fire of an aromatic profile is so tantalizing that it’s difficult to put down ⛽️ The DS has a gasoline soaked, roasted diesel and candied crude oil flavoring that invokes images of a racetrack pit stop. Discernible layers of skunk, musk, and spice form this piquant undercurrent that can be felt in the nostrils on each exhale. The resulting flavor combination is a filthy conglomeration of raunch and grease that lights the taste buds on fire. The flower leaves a gassy, diesel-like aftertaste that envelops the palette in funk 🤤 The DS has a weighty effect. It induces an intoxicating, cerebral high consisting of a smooth, vicegrip-like head pressure and a soothing feeling of bliss. A wave of physiological relief quickly follows, reducing sensations of pain and tension almost immediately. The flower burns perfectly, exhibiting a slow combustion speed and a smooth, satisfying drawl 😶‍🌫️ All in all, the Drip Station is a stellar cultivar. The visual appeal is striking, the expression is all gas no brakes, and the high is powerful enough to bowl over a bear. The name epitomizes the experience on this strain. Outstanding work from Midnight Fruit Company 🔥 drip station by midnight fruit company strain review by pnw.chronic 2
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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  • Awesome review, very descriptive! Weed Porn, on steroids


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