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Cultivar Review: Malibu Marsha by Midnight Fruit Company

Malibu Marsha (Tropicana x Cookies n Cream F2) by @midnightfruitcompany ✨ Linegae/Genetics: Tropicana x Cookies n Cream F2 Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix Grower: Midnight Fruit Company Terpene Profile: Unknown

Malibu Marsha Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

malibu marsha by midnight fruit company strain review by pnw.chronic Malibu Marsha has stunning bag appeal. The flowers are mostly rounded, consisting of colossal nugs with a spear-like structure and a nodular surface area. A colorful myriad of lime green buds, darkened violet leafage, and tangerine pistil tendrils all coalesce together, painting a picturesque visual. Each nug is completely caked in a shroud of silvery trichomes crystals 😍 The aroma that radiates from a jar of MM is magnificent. It has a loud, fruity fragrance composed of raw orange rinds intertwined with discernible layers of spiced cinnamon, orange blossom, and vanilla cream. Breaking the flower down unveils nuanced notes of passion fruit and guava, increases the overall acerbity in the expression, and creates a savory umami attribute that leaves the mouth watering. The aromatic amalgamation is reminiscent of Jones Orange Cream Soda garnished with hibiscus and cinnamon 🍊 The flavor on the MM is verifiably vibrant, flooding the palette with a tsunami of succulent citrus and sweet hibiscus. It has this creamy, lightly astringent undercurrent that draws on sour notes from both the orange and floral parts of the profile, blending the tart tastes together seamlessly. Subtle accents of cinnamon, basil, and cardamom provide additional relish on top of the increasingly sharp and funky expression. The end product is a layered, nectareous taste that stains the tongue with tropical zest 🌺 The effect on MM is remarkable. It’s a cerebrally-charged, long-lasting high that leaves the user feeling cognitively stimulated, emotionally euphoric, and physiologically satisfied. The flower produces an absurd amount of large and small kief granules that instantly cover the bottom of a grinder. It exhibits a slow, effortless burn with satisfyingly smooth drawls πŸ˜Άβ€πŸŒ«οΈ All in all, Malibu Marsha is a phenomenal cultivar. It’s a visually gorgeous, mentally uplifting flower that provides a refreshing twist on the typical tropicana expression. While it can be difficult to find citrus, and especially floral, strains that are satisfying, Marsha meets the criteria with aplomb. Outstanding work from MFC πŸ”₯ malibu marsha by midnight fruit company strain review by pnw.chronic 2
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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