Strain Review: Cinderella by Trufflez

Cinderella (Genetics Unknown) from @trufflez_tm via @petrolexotics215

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Trufflez

Cinderella Strain Review

Back with some Cinderella from the folks at Trufflez. Lots of anticipation breaking into this bag as I have heard lots of mixed opinions on them. The first thing I notice is a sting that immediately hits my nose, totally reminiscent of a natural ammonia-pine-sol-like cleaning product. As I continue poking around the bag with my nose, a bright lemon candy scent shows up on the exhale. Very faint hints of gasoline with a violent burnt rubber smell also start making its way through. Very nice fresh smelling scent that has me looking forward to the smoke.

As soon as the Cinderella got flamed up, that sweet flavor started penetrating my taste buds. A tasty freshness that quickly has that sort of pine sol/ammonia-like breathtaking element to it eventually dominates a joint or blunt. I also notice a bit of mint on the palate mid way through my joint, finally ending up with a bold woody like tone that I can really only describe as a non sweet root beer flavor. While this flavor was sweet, it was also quite savory.

It is not hard to admire this pretty bud. Trufflez did a terrific job on everything from the nice tight trim job, all the way down to the dense, yet fluffy, snappy cured buds. It broke down by hand with ease, crumbling into perfect sized bits which would burn perfectly even in a blunt. The effects from Cinderella had me in my zone. I found my eyes fighting to stay up, and my body catching up to my brain. All while feeling calm, tranquil, and slight bursts of euphoria. I definitely found myself at 7/11 or something as well, this stuff got the best of me. Gotta try and see if Trufflez can keep it up after this good experience with them, I am looking forward to the next one.

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