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Drinkable Review: 1000mg Naked Flavorless THC Syrup by KAN+ADE

I ran into Kanep group at the Hall of Flowers and got one of their KAN+ADE unflavored THC syrup medible mixers to try back at home. Brand: KAN+ADE

KAN+ADE Naked Flavorless THC Syrup Review

It’s been a long time coming, because 1000mg of THC syrup can last a long time depending on how you use it – or just one really fun night. I tried some syrup straight and it does not taste of cannabis at all. There’s a light taste of oil but it’s well covered by the bright sweet and sour aspects. It’s really a simple syrup with a light sour tang from the citric acid. It blends right into any drink that requires a little extra sweetening but I will say that you should NOT use this as your only source of sweetness or you’ll end up with more THC in your drink than you wanted. The tagline reads simply:
“Magic in a bottle.”
For medicinal users, this is magic in a bottle. They can dose appropriately and get medicted with just a few ml of syrup. Whether you’re going to use it for cannabis mocktails, just mix it with water or tea, or something in between, KAN+ADE is a quite tasty way to add canna to your lemonade. KAN+ADE also has flavored flavors for those seeking a direction but the ability to turn this naked tincture into any flavor syrup is a blank canvas that most cannabis chefs yearn for. Well here it is. Go wild, and invite me for coverage.
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