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Strain Review: Garlic Cocktail #7 by 710 Labs

Garlic Cocktail #7 🧄🍸

From: @710Labs

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: GMO x Mimosa

Original Breeder: Uprising Seed Co.

Grower: 710 Labs

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Garlic Cocktail #7 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

garlic cocktail 7 by 710 labs strain review by eriksreviews 2.jpg

Aroma: Right when you open the jar of Garlic Cocktail your hit with a super loud orange nose that has notes of orange peel, orange juice, and mimosa. Once your nose grasps that powerful start, you start to pick up some of the funky and cheesy notes that comes from the GMO lineage. After throwing through the grinder, a sweet candy like nose came out with the orange smell that was bright.

Flavor: Super tasty fruity exhale that is definitely coming from the Mimosa lineage, there is a little but of that funkiness as well but kind of just gets washed out by the Mimosa. Aftertaste lingered for a good amount of time which has light orange and lemon notes.

Effect: The high initially starts pretty zoned in and focus but not in any energetic way which I was happy about. I felt more euphoric and the buzz was extremely solid, it didn’t put me to sleep right away which I was surprised with GMO being in it, but after the high came down I was able to still unwind and chill out.

Erik’s Score: 8.2
This eighth I took a chance on because the nose was a little too bright and citrusy for me but overall I did enjoy it and the orange profile was crazy strong which was impressive because I would think GMO’s mustiness would have been more prominent. If you haven’t seen my previous 710 labs review on their Super Freak strain, go check it out, the terps on that are actually insane😂. Cheers 🍻

garlic cocktail 7 by 710 labs strain review by eriksreviews
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