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Strain Review: House Party by The Vault

House Party 🏠🎉

From: The Vault @TheVaultNationwide

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Gushers x Animal Mints x Zkittles

Original Breeder: Unknown

Brand: The Vault

Terpene Profile: Unknown

House Party Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

house party by the vault strain review by eriksreviews

Aroma: I really loved House Parties aroma, when you open the jar you’re getting a nice funky purple nose that’s super potent and fresh. This nose was kind of reminding me of a Guava Runtz cross that I had about a year ago. This is one of those strains where you just want to keep smelling the jar because it’s so addicting on the nose and senses. After breaking down the big dense nugs, a strong purple candy smell popped out that had some light smokiness as well. I mean looking at the genetics, you already expect a super tasty nose and smoke, and the vault fucking killed it here. Hands-down some of my favorite terps of the year.

Flavor: The flavor on House Party was pretty on point as well, right after the powerful exhale, I got a leaky fuel and smokey taste, but after a few seconds, the sweet terps from the gushers and zkittles came, balancing everything out leaving you with a nice sweet and funky aftertaste.

Effect: Last, but definitely not least, the effects. Just a few seconds after exhaling my bong hit, a nice soothing heavy sedating high came on that just wanted me to sit back and unwind. The head high was relaxing and kind of left you zoned out in a good way. Definitely no stimulating or energetic effects on this one as my body felt heavy and relaxed. I smoked this throughout different times of the day but I really noticed I enjoyed it most when I was off work late night or just wanted to unwind and be ok with doing nothing.

Erik’s Score: 9.1
I’m definitely going to keep an ounce of this around the house, I absolutely loved the terpenes on this strain, and the effects were super relaxing and soothing. It washed away any anxiety or stress, and I was able to unwind blissfully. Definitely some of the top smoke I’ve had in a bit and the vault did an amazing job growing this. This has to be my favorite from them so far. Looking forward to more reviews and you will definitely see this house party around my page because I can’t get enough of it right now! Cheers 🍻

house party by the vault strain review by eriksreviews 2
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