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Strain Review: Sunset Treats by The Vault

🍨🍊Sunset Treats 🍊🍨

From: The Vault @thevaultnationwide

Lineage/Genetics🧬: LA Pop Rocks x Purple Push Pop

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Brand: The Vault

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Sunset Treats Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

sunset treatz by the vault strain review by eriksreviews

Aroma: When I opened the jar of Sunset Treats I was hit with a super potent nose that had heavy notes of sweetness, tangerine, sherbet, and light citrus. The initial nose is this creamy tangerine smell that is fruity. Some type of sweet sherbet is in there as well, which probably comes from the Purple Push Pop genetic as it has a Sherbet Bx in the lineage. I feel like there might be some earthy notes as well but they are just getting washed with the strong sweet sherbet terps. If there was a word to describe the nose all together, I would say it smells like a creamsicle.

Flavor: For the flavor profile I was getting a sherbet taste on the exhale with some light fuel. The aftertaste is a nice bright flavored earthiness and this strains flavor sits on the back of your tongue for a few minutes after exhale.

Effect: Right after the exhale of my bong hit I’m hit with an instant geeky head rush, it was like a nice blast of euphoria but it wasn’t overwhelming or too energetic.
I was getting a soothing pressure around eyes, face, and ears. The high definitely starts with a euphoria buzz that lingers for a bit leaving you focused and dialed in. Then around half way through the high, I started to feel more relaxed as the buzzy feeling mellowed down and a nice little body high comes along soothing things out. This strain didn’t have my eyes super slumped, had more of a pressure feeling focused. I could use this as a day smoke as it doesn’t knock me out, but I could still relax, sit down and be ok with doing nothing. A 50/50 hybrid for sure.

Overall Sunset Treats was a super nice and different smoke to me. The sherbet lineage from the Purple Push Pop really pops out here and the creamy citrus was unique. I usually don’t prefer anything with this bright of a nose but this was at the perfect level. Flavor took me a while to grasp but it was a powerful exhale of smoke that had notes the sherbet and fuel mixed together, then the aftertaste being a bright earthiness on the tongue made it unique. I enjoyed the buzzy geek in the beginning of the high, it was fun being super euphoric then just chilled out. I got 3 more strains coming from The Vault this week so stay tuned! These guys are killing it. Cheers 🍻

sunset treatz by the vault strain review by eriksreviews 2
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