Cultivar Review: Cherry Limez by Trichome Farms

Cherry Limez

Lineage/Genetics: (Montana Silvertip x Z Breath)

Grown by: Trichome Farms @trichome_farms

Originally bred by: Stardust Cultivation @stardustcultivation ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Cherry Limez Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

cherry limez by trichome farms strain review by pnw.chronic 3

The bag appeal on Cherry Limez is through the roof. The buds are so enveloped in trichomes that the primary coloration is a scintillating silver sheen set over a borderline black backdrop. The resin glands on the trichomes are comprised of intact, fully-formed heads connected to long spindly stalks. Under the tidal wave of glimmering crystals, dark violet leafage blends beautifully with cinnamon-tinted pistils, amplifying the overall vibrancy of the visual 😍

The nose on CL is enchanting. It’s a sweet and sour fruit fragrance that smells remarkably like raw lime peels and sugar. Subtle notes of lemon citrus, grapefruit, and cherries fill in the fruity presentation, but altogether, the scent is exceptionally candied and lime-like. Breaking the flower down intensifies the luscious smells on display, causing the buds to exude an authentic limeade aroma 🥤

The taste on the CL is superlative. It’s both sugary and tart with a formidable dose of lime that floods the tastebuds on each hit. The sweetness in the flavor has a deep, confectionary, doughiness that grows as the flower burns, contrasted by background notes of lemon citrus and pine. The flower leaves a sugary, limey aftertaste that’s reminiscent of yellow-and-green sour gummy worms 🍋

The effect on CL is incredibly satisfying. It generates a stimulating cerebral buzz consisting of forehead pressure, drooping eye lids, and an overall feeling of intoxication. A classic cottonmouth and munchies combo sets in not long after smoking, leading to some unexpected fridge trips. The flower is dense, not overly sticky, and produces a minor amount of large grained kief. The flower burns smoothly, slowly, and consistently all the way down 😶‍🌫️

All in all, Cherry Limez is a phenomenal cultivar. It smashes each criterion on the list with ease. It looks absurd, the effect is outstanding, and the aromatic and flavor expression is brimming with spellbinding smells and flavors. Stardust and Trichome are running some extraordinary cultivars that are unlike anything else in the market. Impressive work all the way around 🔥

cherry limez by trichome farms strain review by pnw.chronic 2

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