Cultivar Review: Orange Cannoli by Louis VuChron

Orange Cannoli

Lineage/Genetics: (Tropicana Cookies x Don Mega)

Grown by: Louis VuChron @lvc.notaweedaccount.pdx

Originally Bred by: SolFire Gardens @solfiregardens2019 ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Orange Cannoli Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

orange cannoli by louis vuchron strain review by pnw.chronic 2

Orange Cannoli consists of rounded, small-to-medium-sized buds with an unkempt appearance from the composition of foliage, pistils, and trichomes. Linear pistil fibers grow out in small, ginger patches between the bold, blackish-purple and green leafage. A frosty veneer of gleaming trichomes cakes each bud, comprised of large, granular resin glands 🤩

Cracking a jar of the OC open unleashes a torrent of tantalizing tropical orange with layer upon layer of both organic and artificial citrus. A raunchy wave of chemical funk matches the sweet orange avalanche, amplifying the bitterness and acerbity of the scent until it’s so strong it pulls at the nose hairs. The expression has hints of rosemary and thyme giving it a muddled, herbal zest. The synthesis of smells is reminiscent of oranges if they were shoved in a gym bag and then left out in the sun for a week – it’s everything I never knew I needed in an orange cultivar 🍊

The OC floods the tastebuds with sweet, succulent citrus accented by an electrifyingly chemical zing that zaps the tip of the tongue on each hit. It also has some spiced gassiness that dwells in the background, delineated by more subtle notes of earth, skunk, and cinnamon. The funkiness of the flavor just progresses as the flower burns, remaining mostly orange with palpable, piquant layers of astringency and zest 🧪

The OC has a prominent, satisfying high that induces feelings of euphoria, cognitive disorientation, and physiological heaviness. In smaller amounts the effect can be functional, but user beware, it’s a deceptively strong smoke with the ability to force the consumer into an early nap time. The flower burns smoothly, slowly, and consistently from the first hit to the last 😶‍🌫️

All in all, Orange Cannoli is a superb cultivar. Visually it’s beguiling, the aromatic and flavor profiles are superlative, and the high can drop the consumer faster than a pair of cement boots. This is the first tester from this pheno hunt and it’s already smashing criteria. Incredible work from LV 🔥

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