Dab Review: Don Mega Ice Water Hash Rosin by PDX Dabs

Don Mega

Lineage/Genetics: (GMO x Black Banana)

Processor: PDX Dabs

Grower: Rosebud Growers

Teprene Profile: Unknown

Don Mega Ice Water Hash Rosin Review

don mega ice water hash rosin by pdx dabs dab review by pnw_chronic 2by @pdx_dabs grown by @rosebudgrowers.pdx 🍯

Visually, the first thing that stands out is how wet and brownish-tan the batter is. The wet consistency in rosin is typically a desirable quality, but something about the texture and appearance reminds me of soggy playdough or a smooth brain. It’s honestly not the most visually appealing concentrate. It was somewhat stretchy in terms of pliability, so it required some minor working to get it on the tool, but it was easy enough to get dabs off of the tool and onto surfaces. 👀

The nose on the Don Mega is excellent. I’m a huge fan of the Rosebud flower, and I feel like the nose translates very well to the rosin. It hits all of the gnarly GMO terps it needs to. It’s garlicky, oniony, savory, and just overall nasty in the best way. It also has a significant hashy smell to it. It’s a complex, layered, and tantalizing profile that had me smelling the jar over and over again. 🤤

I felt like the flavor didn’t translate well for this concentrate. The Don Mega profile was evident intermittently while dabbing, but mostly it tasted hashy and muted. It isn’t a taste profile that I particularly loved, but I was able to smoke through the gram easily enough. 🧐

I found that the high on the Don Mega was prominent and satisfying. It provided an immediate head high and and pretty significant body high shortly after. It was a smooth and clean dabbing experience that hardly made me cough. The rosin burned darker and left slightly more residue than the typical solventless dab ✨

All in all, I would actually classify this as a pretty decent budget rosin. It’s not a pretty concentrate and the taste isn’t there for me, but it has an outstanding nose and high, and for the price point its one of the cheapest rosins out there. The saying is fire in, fire out, so when I saw the Rosebud Growers starting material, I knew that there would be some level of quality in the product. This wouldn’t be my go to rosin by any means, but I can see how this would be a good pick for someone looking to smoke solventless on a budget. Picked up at @americannapdx_2.0 🔥

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✨Of note, it is worth pointing out that this gram is almost a year old, so mileage may vary significantly with fresher product✨



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