Cultivar Review: Garlissimo by Kratos


Lineage/Genetics: (GMO x Gushers)

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grown by: Kratos @kratos.509 ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Garlissimo Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

garlissimo by kratos strain review by pnw_chronic 2The Garlissimo has gorgeous bag appeal. It’s mostly an array of stark silver, dark orange, and black coloration from the amalgamation of trichomes, pistils, and leafage present. The base coloration of the flower is darkened green with barbed, midnight purple leafage. The pistils appear frequently in sinuous little patches of hair fibers. The trichomes, which appear profusely across the surface of the nugs, have shorter legs and larger, granular heads 🤩

The nose on Garlissimo is outstanding. Initially, it’s a garlic and skunk aroma with a musky, musty quality to it. It’s spicy and zesty, with some light creaminess and petrol gassiness on the backend. Breaking the flower open unleashes a burning rubber aroma with a twinge of sugary sweetness. The flower leaves a woody, sweet kush smell on the fingers after handing. Overall its a complex and enticing aroma 🧄

The taste on Garlissimo translates into a tidal wave of spiced and seasoned garlic zest when it hits the tongue. Again, it has hefty layers of skunky, kushy flavors that just add to the funk already present. The flower has mild sweet notes that blend smoothly into gassiness of the cultivar, increasing the depth of the presentation. It leaves an after taste of strong diesel that has a piquant, savory quality to it ⛽️

Garlissimo has a remarkable effect. It’s a calm and relaxing high that will have the user kicking back and sinking into the couch before the end of the first joint. It’s a prominent effect that can be quite sedating when used in higher volumes. The flower is slightly sticky and produces a negligible amount of kief when ground. It burns perfectly and smoothly all the way down 😶‍🌫️

All in all, the Garlissimo is an excellent cultivar. It has beautiful bag appeal, a gas on gas profile that is a great combination of GMO and Gushers, and a high that is effective and sedating. Solid work all around 🔥

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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (

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