Strain Review: Dogwalker Horchata by Eastwood Gardens

Dogwalker Horchata

Lineage/Genetics: (Dogwalker OG x Horchata)

Breeder: Wyeast Farms

Grower: Eastwood Gardens @eastwood_gardens_pdx 🐘

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dogwalker Horchata Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Dogwalker Horchata has impressive bag appeal. It’s characterized by bright green nugs with a gnarled mix of leafage, wiggly pistils, and an embankment of trichromes in every corner and crevice. The leaves range from from pine green to straight up black, and the hairs are a striking rust-orange, creating a beautiful composition of colors. The collective features make for messy looking nugs, but that doesn’t diminish the attractiveness of the flower by any means. On the contrary, these wild buds are a treat for the eyes 😍

The nose on this strain is complex, intense, and ambrosial. I honestly had a hard time sorting through the profile here because there’s so much going on, but on the surface, it is kushy, earthy, and gassy. Under the initial surface, there are significant sweet candy terps filling out the presentation. All in all, it’s funky and skunky, and I absolutely love it. Breaking open a nug releases insane sugary gas terps that get me excited to smoke ⛽️

The taste on the Walker Horchata is delectable. It’s layered and complex like the smell is. I get initial impressions of sweet sugar from the horchata side of the cross on the inhale, while strong gas is more prominent on the exhale. There are also lighter notes of cream and spice. Overall, though, it’s kushy, earthy, and sweet. 😋

I found this strain to be incredibly smooth – i didn’t cough much while smoking cones. It’s sticky to the touch to the point where it leaves residue on things I touch after. It produces minor kief when ground up. The high on this strain is really enjoyable. It’s a, “floating in the clouds,” feel good, euphoria kind of head high for me with moderate body effects. 🤯

Overall, Dogwalker Horchata is phenomenal. It checks all of the boxes for me. It’s a beautiful, unique flower with a super complex and electrifying profile. I would highly recommend checking out this and anything else from Eastwood. They are top shelf and usually one of the highest priced flowers in any given store, but you know you are getting a high quality product every time. 🔥

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