Dab Review: Gasicle Sundae Hash Rosin Batter by Funk Extracts

Gasicle Sundae

Lineage/Genetics: (Gasicle x Sundae Driver)

Breeder: Three Flavors Farms

Processed by: Funk Extracts @funkextracts

Grown by: Three Flavors Farms @threeflavorsfarms ⛽️

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Gasicle Sundae Hash Rosin Batter Review

gasicle sundae hash rosin batter by funk extracts dab review by pnw_chronic 2The Gasicle Sundae is a beautiful butterscotch-tinted hash rosin batter. I love how wet and fresh it looks indicating optimal curing and storage. I found the concentrate to be quite pliable and easy to get onto the tool in whatever amount I needed. I underestimated how sticky the rosin was when actually dabbing it, as it required some working to remove from the dab tool 🍯

The nose on this strain is extremely loud, which isn’t surprising given the almost 14% terpene content. The smell is complex, layered, and tickles the nose. It’s initially characterized by a sweet fruity berry aroma paired with warm spice and hints of nuttiness, while there is a background scent of hefty gas that fills out the profile and gives it more volume. It’s like if you took the Sundae Driver, dropped it in kerosene, and lit it on fire. It’s a treat for the senses 🥵

The taste is consistent with the nose, meaning it is strong, complex, and, above all, quite flavorful. It is fruity with sweet notes of grape, followed up by warm earthy spice and an overall gassy fuel quality that encompasses the taste buds. The gassiness ties all of the flavors together and makes for a more complex and delectable palette pleasing dab 😋

The high from Gasicle Sundae is powerful and prominent. I don’t typically take concentrates for pain, however I noticed this one had a significant impact on specific body pains and aches. It’s a really nice high that left me feeling relaxed and stoney. I found the dabs to be smooth and easy to consume. I also found the rosin to be fairly easy to clean, leaving an average amount of reside 😶‍🌫️

All in all, this is an incredible rosin. It checks all of the boxes easily. I’m not always the biggest fan of Sundae Driver, but the cross here really takes the best qualities of Sundae Driver and kicks it up a notch with a dose of rocket fuel. I would definitely recommend picking this one up, it’s probably one of my favorite concentrates I’ve had from Funk, and it seems like every time @funkextracts and @threeflavorsfarms get together it is a great pairing 🔥

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