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Strain Review: Bugatti by Fiore

🛞 Bugatti : Biscotti x Sundae Driver (Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie) @fiore @ohitsrandy @serge_cannabiss @bigtuna_mk @cookiessacramento Linegae/Genetics: Biscotti x Sundae Driver Original Breeder: Serge Cannabis Grower: Fiore Terpene Profile: Unknown

Bugatti Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

bugatti by fiore strain review thecannaisseurking Shit He pulled up with that new Bugatti ! (Future Voice) 🤣 very clever with the genetics and name . Couldn’t have been more perfect! Crack open the jar you instantly see the beautiful look of biscotti but absolutely nothing really noticeable in the nose about it at all. Somewhat cakey sweet tang aroma ! Weird to look at biscotti and it not smell too much like biscotti ahaha broke up very fresh, very soft . Definitely needed to cure a bit for sure . The nose got a little more gassy, sour tang cake-ish vibe for sure! Rolled up a nice bat thanks to my boy @ohitsrandy , airflow was somewhat noticing the Grape Pie and the biscotti a little more . Got a little bit more distinct for sure ! In all honesty tho, it took a minute for it to light up while marinating it , which I’m assuming was the way it was kept and fresh. The bud was a little dark but not too sure if that’s the problem ! Finally got my first few hits and it’s really smooth, got this real creamy grape pie ish inhale and a tangish biscotti gas on the exhale. Little hot but not too bad. Came with a build up choke . Just didn’t burn as white as I hoped but definitely curing it will do something for sure . I know for a fact this strain has crazy potential. It’s potent enough and tastes, looks, and smells great, definitely a keeper! #ItIsWhatItIs #LittleMoreTime #LAtoSac #Cookies #Berner #Maywood #Fiore #FlyHigh #FirstSmokeOfTheDay #YouKnowThe #Vibes #WhatsNext? #Reviewer #StrainCollector #FlavorChaser #Preferred #StayTuned #KingShit #SacOnTheMap #PAID #StackAndChase #Kings #Bear #Cannasaurus👑🦖
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Sac 📍, H.R. 💍 , Collector 👽, Reviewer 💯
Exotic Ashtray ♨️
Tried to go back but this sh*ts too tasty 🍬

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Sac 📍, H.R. 💍 , Collector 👽, Reviewer 💯 Exotic Ashtray ♨️ Tried to go back but this sh*ts too tasty 🍬

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