Strain Review: Biscotti by BackPack Boyz


Biscotti for your tiramisu and morning coffee

Lineage/Genetics: Gelato #25 x South Florida OG x Girl Scout Cookies

Original Breeder: BackPack Boyz

Grower: BackPack Boyz

Biscotti Strain Review


Great Biscotti from backpackboyz, a nice bright almost lemony earth note hits your nose followed by straight rank odor which smells like manure. As you keep smelling the bright earthy smell remains, but the manure smell sort of gets more profound and sharpie like. As I smoke this bud it feels like I am taking draws from a gas pump, it is so insanely gassy and sweet/tart. Biscotti is always nice to have, but this is truly well done Biscotti! Vac sort of crushed some of the buds but the appearance is still great. Trimming and cure are always top tier with BackPackBoyz. The effects from this are very calming and mellow. I find myself lightly sedated with a nice calm and clear headspace. Definitely a strain I will always try to have on hand.

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