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Strain Review: Grape Ape by Canna Culture

Grape Ape 🍇🦧 Review Lineage/Genetics: Mendocino Purps x Skunk x Afghani Original Breeder: Apothecary Genetics x Barneys Farm Grower: Canna Culture (Giovanni Aburto) Dispensary: Canna Culture

Canna Culture Grape Ape Review

. @cannaculturesanjose grower @dongiovanni1986 budtender @stoneyxvibes . 18.87% THC 0.03% CBD . 🍇First off I wanna acknowlege the dope ape design, tag the artist if you know them. This Grape Ape is in-house grown from @cannaculturesanjose .I tend to pass these ones up for the more popular brands due to hype mostly, but out of the 3 or 4 times I have smoked their in-house it always was better than I expected even the smalls. Also thanks @cannaculturesanjose for the great customer service everytime from the security to the budtenders and the owners 💯 . 🔥Upon opening the jar immediately an irresistibley pungent grapey lavendar aroma fills your nose. The sweet and aromatic grape notes sit just above the floral lavendar notes, complementing each other and blending together nicely like a dank lavendar Grapes. . 🦧The taste is fruity and floral with hints of sweet earth. For me a floral lavendar flavor dominates with a drier taste but pungent grape tones fill space and weigh it down with a fruity and grapey profile. sweet earthy hints help blends it all together for a flavorfully dank smoke sesh. . 🔥With powerfull Indica effects and a delicious taste this Grape Ape is great for night time use. The first puffs are very potent and heavy and the grapey floral profile will probably dry your mouth out quick so I wouldnt go in too strong. The high hits your body and mind simultaneously, I first felt it in my chest as it spread in a hazey buzz to my eyes and mind and through my legs, arms and feet. Slowly but surely you lose motivation to be active and your body becomes heavy and you become couchlocked like a giant boulder is on top of you. The munchies hit hard ,youll find yourself nodding off once you’re done stuffing your face. . 🍇Grape sized purple and green nugs with bright orange pistils. Colorfully vivid violet and lavendar hues dominate some while greener lime hues dominate others. Both phenos of this strain have lime green stems and a sugary coat of trichome crystals. The flower breaks down well, keeping its soft but flakey structure, its easy to seperate from the stem even as the trichome dust sticks to your fingers.
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