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Strain Review: Astro Cream by Big Smokey Farms

Astro Cream 🚀🍦Review Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Big Smokey Farms

Astro Cream Strain Review

. @bigsmokeyfarmss . 🚀The aroma on this is really pungent with a fuel forward nose and heavy creamy notes. Under the creamy fuel overtones there are deep hints of musky fresh pine and some lighter earthy hints. . 🛸The flavor is strong and complements as well as closely matches the aroma with a fuel forward taste of octane blended with sweet cream, kind of like a white russian cocktail but don’t hold me to it because I havent had one lmao😂. . 💨The high is out of this world, the first puff is like you took a rocket straight to cloud 9. Theres a heady rush that settles right in your frontal lobe and behind your eyes leaving you in a spacey and euphoric state. Your body gets a numbing buzz that helps relax you before slowly transitioning into an uplifting yet super stoned and uncoordinated physical state like you were smoking on the moon. . 🔥The nugs are big and chunky and the leaves look kushy and fluffy but actually have a tighter more compact structure. Overall nice big dense nugs. The colors are vivid starting with a darker grape color developing and drawing in your eyes with hididen dark olive outer leaves and vibrant violet color and lighter green hints developing within the nug. A super thick frosty white blanket of gleaming trichomes and bold , fiery, amber pistils bring it all together to give the flower an aesthetic that reminds me of a shooting star or just stars in the night sky in general.
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