Strain Review: Guava by Big Smokey Farms


Lineage/Genetics: Stardawg x Afghan

Original Breeder: Flavour Chasers

Grower: Big Smokey Farms

Big Smokey Farms Guava Review


🍈Super heavy deep fruity terps. The Aroma smells like guava infused flower.
💯Tastes like guava fruit. Deep and pungent fruity notes weigh down the smoke making it really heavy smooth and potent. Long lasting and consistent flavor.
🔥Big, chunky, dense nugs with purple hues dominating the lighter fern green leaves. Long orange pistils help the colors pop out with trichome crystals blanketing the nugs giving them a sparkling effect.
🍈The high is smooth and grounding. Time slows down , your joints loosen up and your mood stabilizes in a euphoric and delightful place. Reminds me of drinking a thick cold glass of guava juice in the summer and it goes down slow and smooth rejuvenating your body as you digest it.

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