Strain Review: Tactus by Tc$patt

Tactus 🌵

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Tc$patt

Grower: Tc$patt

Tactus Strain Review

🏜earth spice and pine aroma with a deep sweet woodsy fuel undertone.
🔥The taste is potent. On the inhale you can taste a lighter sweet pine and fuel flavor and when you exhale the flavor is more grounded and earthy. Each hit provides a thick potent puff of smoke that goes straight to your brain.
💯Dense grape shaped green nugs with purple hues peppered throughout developing in streaks on the leaves. The pistils are bold and orange developing in mini clusters and a sticky coat of Trichomes
🌵The high very potent, you get a rush go to your head puting you on a euphoric cloud of ambition focus and creativity,I really felt it in the back of my head and my eyes. Grabbed some of this at lake merrit, @tcspatt had his booth set up and the packaging made it hard to pass up but once I smelled and seen the strain I had to try it.

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