Strain Review: True Breath by Monterey Kush Co.

#TrueBreath. 🔥🌬
#TrueOg x #OGKB

Lineage/Genetics: True OG x OGKB

Original Breeder: Monterey Kush Co.

Grower: Monterey Kush Co.

Dispensary: Canna Culture

True Breath Strain Review

22.24% #thc
0.057% #cbd
25.53% #totalcannabinoids
Flower Appearance- 8️⃣/10 (unrefined nugs /thick stem)
Flower Smokeability- 9️⃣/10 ( flavorful and smooth , some harshness towards the end)
Flower Aroma- 9️⃣/10
(lemon, pine/earth, hint of vanilla, diesel/fuel)
Effects- 9️⃣/10
(long lasting, relaxing, mood enhancing, heady ,appetite increasing, strong)
Overall 9️⃣/10
( #ogkush is a personal favorite)
🔥Wild ,Unrefined medium sized flower. Deep green and emerald buds with lighter green leaves , dark brown hairs and a thick stem that’s easy to break nugs off of.
💯Very sticky flower with a nice blanket of trichomes. Pungent #terps. Sweet pine overtones that compliment and bring out the lemon and earth aroma. A great scent to wake you up and give you energy.
🚀Taste matches aroma. Sweet and smooth as the earthy lemon flavor really balances things out with a nice hint of vanilla of the inhale and exhale.
👽A quick stoney head focused sensation off the first hit that gradually increases into a mood enhancing, appetite inducing ,stoney, socializing but relaxing high. The body high sensation is pain numbing and relaxing.
I reccommend for #wakeandbakes or day time activities, although you get a great night’s sleep you might find your brain a little too wired and active at night if you plan on smoking before bed.
🎶 @larryjunetfm – #stillactive 🍊
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