Strain Review: Strawberry Gelato by Backpack Boyz

Strain: Strawberry Gelato

Who: @backpackboyz420__41510

Lineage: Gelato x Strawberry Cookies

Original Breeder: Haute Genetique

Grower: Backpack Boyz

Dispensary: Daddy’s Dispensary

Strawberry Gelato Strain Review

strawberry gelato by backpack boyz strain review by thefirescale 2Stats: 18.189% THC .03% CBD

21.001% Total Cannabinoids

Aroma: Sour Musk, Stone Fruit, Fresh Cut Grass.

Structure: Dark, frosty, alluring. Tight, dense buds that crumble a little from a cure that is a tad dry, but not too bad.

Palate: Spice, Wet Grass, Lingering Strawberry.

Effect: Average-Medium Strength. Feels like a mellow hybrid with a slight edge towards indica. Relaxed, focused, and easy-going.

Overall: First off, love the package design by @danschmatzdesign – backpackboyz consistently has excellent branding. Even though this doesn’t have anything to do with the actual strain, I do think packaging is part of the entire experience that you pay for.

Tearing open the bag, I am a little puzzled as I am expecting a sweet berry, gassy gelato aroma. Instead, I pick up on some fresh cut grass notes similar to old school Bubba Kush. There is a sour musk there from the Gelato, with a light berry base to wrap it up.

For such a fresh batch, I was a bit surprised that the cure was as dry as it was. This stuff should be sticky, but instead it’s a little dry and crumbling, but not terrible.

strawberry gelato by backpack boyz strain review by thefirescale 3Combusting the herb I immediately noticed an earthy spice flavor that develops into that wet grass Bubba Kush that presented itself in the aroma, strange. I am so impressed though, as a smooth natural strawberry flavor that is phenomenally accurate lingers after the exhale. Normally, I wouldn’t be so influenced by the suggested flavors from the name of the strain, but this is severely on point – closer to the πŸ“ terps found in Strawberry Cough rather than diesel.

Still, this finishing impression doesn’t redeem itself completely. The effect is mellow, terps are quiet, and I know that Backpack Boyz can do much better than this.

The Fire Scale: 7/10 flame-riki-tiki-ti’s

What’s your favorite BackpackBoyz strain? Comment down below!

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