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Strain Review: Fudge Cookies from DELI by Caliva

#FudgeCookies 🍪🍫 #indica #budgetsmoke Lineage/Genetics: Unknown Original Breeder: Caliva Grower: Caliva Dispensary: DELI by Caliva

Fudge Cookies Strain Review

. 25.36% #thc . @delibycaliva @gocaliva . Flower Appearance -9️⃣/10 (small-mid sized nugs, dark and colorful) . Flower Aroma – 🔟/10🔥 (mint choc. chip cookies/ wood/earth) . Flower Smokeability – 🔟/10🔥 (smooth, hints of vanilla/mint choc. Chip , #slowburn) . Effects 7️⃣.5 / 10 (full body relaxing, stress relief , needed 1 and 1/2 blunts for full effects) . Overall 9️⃣/10 (45.5/50) . 🍪Chunky, dense, sticky, hardball, small-mid sized nugs.Blanketed with #trichome crystals . Mostly purple nugs with slighly vibrant wild orange hairs and dark purple leaves. This #strain gets lighter ,more vibrant in color and stickier as u get closer to it’s stem. . 🍫Sweet creamy aroma with pungent woodsy undertones and nice hints of mint. Smooth heavy hits with every puff. You can really taste cookies compliment well with an earthy/wood flavor to bring out some real chocolately terps on this one , Perfect for night time use. . 👽Creates a strong ,full-body high with full mind calming and stress relieving effects. Dont be afraid to roll another 1 , although high in percentage, the flowers effects hit you without taking all of your energy away instantly. Expect a nice pace as far as increasing intensity is concerned. . . . #sjweedreviews #sjweedreview #westcoastsmokeshow #cookies #smokeweed #cannabisreview #cannabiscommunity #sanjosecannabis #sanjoseweed #dispensarylife #blackincannabis #bayareacannabiscommunity
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