Strain Review: Phantom Cookies from CA Collective

Phantom Cookies 👻🍪

Lineage/Genetics: Cherry Pie x Granddaddy Purple

Original Breeder: Grand Daddy Purple

Grower: CA Collective

Dispensary: CA Collective

Phantom Cookies Strain Review

#CherryPie x #GDP (#granddaddypurp)
27.02% #thc
Flower Appearance 🔟/🔟 🔥
(Monster size, emerald/dark green/purple)
Flower Aroma 🔟/🔟🔥
(Pungent/Deep, sweet ,honey, nut, vanilla, earth)
Smokeability 🔟/🔟🔥
(Smooth, slow burn, no cough, warm honey smoke flavor)
Effects 🔟/🔟🔥
(euphoric, creative, stress relief, fast acting, sedating, munchies)
👻Monster sized , green and purple hued nugs with vivid orange hairs sprouting thorough a thick trichome blanket. Very sticky and easy to separate from the flower breaks down well , 1 gram breaks down like 1.5or 2, so you really get some bang for you buck
🍪Aroma is very pungent and consists of notes of warm honey and roasted nuts with sweet subtle hints of berry/grape and a deep earth undertone
🛸Taste great like warm honey on a waffle.
Consistent with it’s smell it tastes like Sweet honey/nut and undertones of earth.
#terpenes include #myrcene, #betacaryophyllene and #linalool
👽Strong mind and body high starting off strong in your mind relieving stress and inviting creativity as well as enhancing your mood. Soon you’ll realize a relaxed body sensation melting away aches ,pain and tension. Be prepared for the MUNCHIES.
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