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Strain Review: Ghost OG by Kings Garden

#GhostOg 👻 #latepost Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush (Ghost cut) Original Breeder: Apothecary Genetics Grower: Kings Garden

Ghost OG Strain Review @_sclabs . 25.1755 % – 881.1425mg #totalthc 0.0399 % – 1.3965mg #cbd 30.3155 % #totalcannabinoids . harvest ~ 6.19 pack ~ 7.19 test ~ 7.19 . Flower Appearance 9️⃣/10 (crystalized, vibrant colors , dark amber hairs, slightly dry on the break down ) . Flower Aroma 8️⃣/10 (classic Og scent, extra hint of spice) . Smokeability 8️⃣/10 (Smooth, heavy, slowburning) . Effects 8️⃣/10 (Medicinal effects hit quickly while psychoactive gradually increases / balances out great ) . 👻Pungent pine and wood note with sweet citrus tones. Very smooth smoke and heavy smoke with a stong classic Og flavor with a little added hint of spice . The high haunts you like a ghost , you’ll find yourself relieved from symptoms before you realize how high you are. By then it’s too late, the munchies have already kicked in as well as insomnia defeating effects.) . 💯#Trichome Crystallized ,sticky medium sized nugs with hues of green ranging from vibrant emerald to dark green and then a lighter almost yellow tone with amber/brown stigmas. The structure is similar to #OGKush , in this cut ,the buds are slightly more close compacted and dense ; the stem is also slightly more prevalent throught the flower. . 🔥Potent hybrid giving you Dominating indica effects without intrusively leaving you couchlocked. . 💨Body & mind melt together balancing things out leaving you on a nice subtle relaxing cloud, great for wake n bakes or after work sessions to help manage moods, stress, pain, anxiety and insomnia . 🤔‼️Grabbed this batch twice it’s a solid strain especially if you love OGs and want an easy going high. S/o @dude_doing_things ..I didn’t realize this but the dates are for July 2019 while I received the product in May 2020 so the flower wasn’t the freshest on consumption but it was packaged well enough to keep some freshness. . . . . Follow @westcoastsmokeshow #sjweedreview #sjweedreviews #westcoastsmokeshow #wcss #kingsgarden #kush #og #cannabiscommunity #bayareacannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #cannabisreviews #weedreviews #blunted
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