Strain Review: Black Mamba from Kind Meds

Black Mamba (Black Domina x Granddaddy Purple) from

Lineage/Genetics: Black Domina x Grand Daddy Purple

Original Breeder: Unknown

Dispensary: Kind Meds

Black Mamba Strain Review

This unique strain has unknown genetics however it’s supposed parents are said to be GDP & BD. Never tried BD but you can never go wrong with GDP so had to see what this one was about!

The mouthwatering bag appeal this strain gave off made me not even want to break into the nugs. Bright lime greens mixed with midnight purples garnished with gorgeous salmon pistols. Absolute A+ in my books📚Sadly it had that odd stale feel to it. One of those strains where it looks like it could stick to the ceiling but is actually the complete opposite of sticky…incredibly unfortunate.

Now due to the lack of freshness, the nose was VERY mild on this one. All I was getting was an earthy aroma with a hint of oak and oddly the slightest dash of cream. Once broken up, STILL the smell is incredibly mild. Faint notes of sweet grape from the GDP integrate with the piney peppery flavors derived from the Black Domina. However out of nowhere this vague spearmint aroma showed up without invitation🤣 still confused. BD has some Afghani roots which definitely present itself once ground up.

On the inhale I was greeted by a tree stump seasoned in pepper🌲 Very oaky and slightly harsh. Exhale I received a harsh funky oak that I was not a fan of. I feel like the lack of freshness played a huge role in the flavor department on this one.

The effects are surprisingly very strong. Starts at the head and quickly sets in behind the eyes but not too heavy. Gave me that upbeat happy feeling while setting my mind and body into extreme relaxation. Huge fan of how this strain made me feel.

If you’re able to find this strain FRESH then I highly recommend you check it out. I know if i’m able to, definitely buying more than a few grams😤

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