Strain Review: NightFire OG by Tierra Grow

NightFire OG By: @tierragrow_az From: @kindmedsarizona

Lineage/Genetics: (White Fire OG x White Nightmare)

Original Breeder: Sin City Seeds

Grower: Tierra Grow

Dispensary: Kind Meds

NightFire OG Strain Review

Scooped this up the same time as the Chem and my gosh I’m glad I did. First time trying any white strain in a very long time and was told it hit like an indica. Considering i’m an OG head I jumped all over this. However with this strains roots being mostly part of the white family, the sativa dominant hybrid is known to smack you with a deadly dose of euphoria. You already know I was curious to see if this smoked like a dream or a nightmare💀

Thick muscle milk built buds more solid than your local gyms roid head. Bright lime green buds crawling in blazing orange hairs with a thick layer of frost inside and out🕷🌨 When you break it up it looks like what I call “carpet weed” because the hairs resemble little carpet furs. There’s also so many of them that they look like flames coursing through the nug in the last pic🔥 This is without a doubt my FAVORITE looking bud of all of time.

As soon as my nose got a whiff of this stuff I couldn’t move my nose. Sweet earthy kush with lemon , almost like a sweet pine tree🌲 Unscrew the grinder and heavy notes of sweetness and minty kush plug your nose👃🏽 I detected a slight sourness on the backend from the lemon which made me love this one even more🍋 CLASSIC old school feel when smokin on this one😎

As if the smell wasn’t good enough, the flavor makes it that much better. Very smooth smoke accompanied by an earthy kush followed by that sweet pine🌲 The aftertaste had me stunned as it turned into a delicious sweet creamy kush that coated my entire tongue. Had me sitting there shaking my head like this is crazy. 10/10 on flavor🏅

Now if you aren’t a fan/used to sativas (like I am starting to become) then you gotta be careful with this one😅 It’s goes straight from your lungs to your dome no pit stop. I took way too fat of a rip and I felt like I downed a whole bottle of preworkout. They were not fucking around about the promised deadly dose of euphoria. Crazy strong sativa effect that had my head spinnin like a disneyland teacup🌪 Not to mention my heart rate playing metallica.

However after my second rip I mellowed out and the OG side pulled up to the function. Shoulder to toes felt wrapped up in a blanket of relaxation. The euphoria tornado makes it last stop as it travels from the head to the eyes. Overall great smoke and once again brought me back to the good ol fire off the streets.

From bag appeal, smell, flavor and effects this strain checks every box. I enjoyed every little bit of it and just WISH I could have access to this strain 24/7. Majority of people are not fans of sativas/citrus strains but I think everyone should give this a try atleast once. What is y’all’s FAVORITE sativa dominant strain and who grows it? #nightfireog #tierragrowaz #kindmedsarizona #sativadominant #oldschool #fire #gas #frosty #hairy #realmedicine #medicalmarijuana #mmj #mmjarizona #mmjpatient #mmjcommunity #mmjlifestyle #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #arizonacannabis #arizonacannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #cannabissociety #cannabisreviews #arizonacannabisreviews

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