Strain Review: Moose and Lobsta by Tierra Grow

Decided to start posting every new pickup and give my honest review! I like to try as many new strains/growers as i possibly can. The first strain ima be talking about is this Moose & Lobsta from @tierragrow_az.

Lineage/Genetics: Kali Snapple x Oregon Huckleberry

Original Breeder: Dynasty Seeds

Grower: Tierra Grow

Moose and Lobsta Strain Review

It was recommended to me by my budtender @oasisdispo and i’m quite surprised. This is a 70/30 hybrid sativa and the nose has a creamy kinda jelly like smell to it as if you smelled an empty jar of grape jelly🍇.

The taste isn’t as strong as i anticipated but I found I tasted the terps more after the exhale than the inhale.

The appearance of this bud is very tight soft nugs with that nice light green color with gorgeous light orange hairs to compliment it and once you bust the nugs open it rains trichomes. Also the freshness was on point. Now the high..the high is where this bud really shines.

If you love strong sativas then I highly recommend this strain. Hits your head harder than your toe on the corner of your bed.😵

Definitely one of the strongest HS i’ve ever smoked. If you’re looking for a good day time smoke then I highly recommend you pick some up🔥

song:looses crew-bones

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