Strain Review: Mandarin Cookies by Tierra Grow

Mandarin Cookies (Forum Cut Cookies x Mandarin Sunset) By: @tierragrow_az From: @kindmedsarizona

Lineage/Genetics: Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies x Mandarin Sunset

Original Breeder: Ethos Genetics

Grower: Tierra Grow

Distributor: Kind Meds

Tierra Grow Mandarin Cookies Review

On our weekly visit to @kindmedsarizona I chose to scoop up the Mandarin Cookies because it looked fire as fuck and I have not tried it before. This one is said to be a sativa leaning hybrid with a 70/30 ratio. I’ve always heard good things about Forum Cookies so I was excited to crack into this cookie🍪

The buds are medium sized but fairly dense and fluffy. Heavy trichome production engulfed in light brown hairs made my mouth water more than a fresh carne taco with lime. Trichome heads are big as fuck, looks like one of those rocks that has a hole on the side with all the crystals inside🔮

This one kinda reminded me of the Hangar 18 in my last post. The smell before grind is like a faint coco butter. Break a nug to your nose however and a major funky gas pops out. Once broken all the way down the smell turns into more of a peanut butter with some hops from the Forum🍻

The flavor on this one was hella odd. At first I got a dry piney resiny taste on the inhale but as soon as I exhaled it tasted like I had just taken a sip of some cream soda🥤 Aftertaste reminded of a soft butter cookie🍪

I thought the potency was sub par until that shit started to creep on me. All the weight in my head disappeared making it feel like a balloon chillin in the breeze🎈Hit behind the eyes hella hard but still had me feeling upbeat & joyful. I found myself getting lost in my thoughts and just thinking how high I was lol. Another interesting thing was that my head felt couch locked rather than my body. My body was still very relaxed but it felt like the effects switched roles there.

I was a fan of this one just because of how unique the flavor profiles were. From the funky gassy terps to the sweet coco butter this was enjoyable all the way through. Have y’all tried anything Forum Cut before and if so what were your thoughts?

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