Strain Review: Once Is Enough by Amplified Farms

Once Is Enough is named after a ski run at Kirkwood in Northern California. This is Chris Whatford at Once Is Enough in 2021 and that my frients, is the most concise explanation for a strain name I’ve ever been able to deliver.

Lineage/Genetics: Cereal Milk (Limited Trees Genetics) x Bubba Gas Mints (Limited Trees Genetics)

Original Breeder: Amplified Farms

Grower: Amplified Farms

Terpene Profile: Limonene Dominant, Myrcene Dominant

Limonene .525%

Myrcene .524%

Ocimene .275%

Once Is Enough Strain Review

once is enough by amplified farms strain review by caleb chen macroThis hits my nose as fruity pebbles sitting in condensed milk. Not the whole bag of cereal, mind you. Just the red and purple ones. Yet through it all, there’s a little bit of almost chocolate-y gas.

My macro shot doesn’t do the trichomes justice. They never do…

One hit. Eat lunch. Enjoy.

That was the plan anyways. It worked the first time but definitely not on the second day. Call it a slippery slope or whatever you want to call it. I call it: “Once is enough, twice is nice, thrice is vice, and I’m all four that.”

The longevity of the high isn’t to be underestimated, though. It’ll put you in your head in all the best ways.

Grab it if you see it.

Certificate of Analysis (COA):


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