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Strain Review: Cereal Milk by South Bay Connetics

Cereal Milk 🥣 Review Lineage/Genetics: Y-Life (aka The Y) x Snowman Original Breeder: Cookie Fam Genetics (Powerzzzup Genetics) Grower: South Bay Connetics Dispensary: Cookies Enterprises

South Bay Connetics Cereal Milk Review

. @cookiesenterprises @southbayconnetics_ . 🛸Sweet pungent earthy aroma with a creamy undertone and slight hint of floral condensed milk. The aroma doesnt seem to last too long. . 💯The flavor is sweet and earthy with some creamy pine tones. As you inhale you taste a slight hint of condensed milk and pine and as you exhale the flavor is more earthy. . 🥣The high is really potent, you get a rush of a stoney spacey haze that goes straight to your mind before hitting the body. Immediately your movements and speech get a little wacky while your mind tries to find some focus. It might feel like your going through loops of logic while trying to communicate. Your body gets a nice uplifting feeling before calming down and inducing the munchies. Nothing like CBX but still really good. . 🥛Big purple and green hued nugs with thick coat of frosty white trichomes like the nugs were just dipped in milk. The leaves are dense and tight but you can see some of the outer leaves with a nice fluffy kushy structure.
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