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Strain Review: Kush Mints by J.Smith

Kush Mints Lineage/Genetics: Bubba Kush x Animal Mints Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics Grower: J.Smith

J.Smith Kush Mints Review

Cultivated by @hy_phi_dro __phi_dro Bred by @seedjunkygenetics_jbeezy gifted by @dynasty_south12 @dynasty3xpress @dynastycollective_ Welcome back to the reviews, this week I have some local east coast grown kush mints, this flower was run for a total of 68 days(don’t listen to the flowering time on the box, use a jewlers lens or macro lens, listen to the plant, look for those nice milky white trichs or amber if you want some cbd present) after the 68 days, 24 hours of darkness than she received the chop, hung for 12 days at 63 degrees F and a relative humidity(rh) of 60%, these flowers were grown with Hps/cmh split room. Char coir coco, blue planet nutrients, photosynthesis plus and recharge as a rinse. Now without further ado lets dive into the breakdown. Appearance – These nugs are just absolutely stunners, an extremly heavy layer of trichs completly covers the entirety of the buds , giant bulbous heads remain intact throughout, beautiful orange pistils appear wildly weaving through tones of plant matter ranging from dark green to mint green and finally pulling it all together with deep plum purples that are slightly camouflaged by the shiny sea of shimmering heads. Smell – Now when I recieved my gift, it came in a clear mylar bag, not much nose just some slight earthyness, I removed the flower and than placed them in a ball jar in a room at 55% rh and a temp of around 69 degrees F and left it for several days. Once I reopened the jar a nice musk of organic earth hits my senses first, the smell is very clean and smooth, on the back end I recieve a slight pepper and a hint of gas mostly that smooth organic earth, very pleasant to smell nothing super loud but I enjoy it, on the break up is really where the terps shine, immediately I am met with a nice piney earth mixed into a peppery creamy deliciousness just straight delectable making my mouth just water from the odor emitting from the grinder, quite different than other phenos I have had of this strain, now lets see how she smokes… Taste – On the dry pull of the jay, I am met with a nice earth mixed with a sweetness that lit up my taste buds,on the inhale my pallette gets a tasty smooth smoke, flavors of earth and pine stick to my mouth, the hits become smooth sweet and creamy as the joint burns to the half way point with a slight bit of a pepper and hash like flavor due to the abundance of resin on these flowers, just tasty af. On the exhale the experience is quite similar leaning more towards the earthy hashy side, the smoke can be quite expansive if you pull hard so be mindful of that. Effects – It was around half way of the one gram joint that the buzz begins to build in my head, my thought already becoming hard to come by, by the quarter mark my arms feel extremly heavy and my legs just feel locked in place, I feel very relaxed but completly floored to the wall at the same time, my thoughts jump rapidly from one thing to another extremely difficult to focus, this subsides a while after and I slip into a calm state of bliss, a very peaceful tranquil stone, perfect for night times or if you have nothing to do after work and she smacks quite hard and you will forget what your doing at some point, stellar job. I would reccomend this strain for only vetted tokers that know their tolerances or if your brave enough go easy and take some bowl hits and see how she does you, a bad experience your first time could scare you away from cannabis, do your reasearch know what your getting so that you can get the best meds that work for you.
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Check out more reviews by @cannasaurus_rex_reviews on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/cannasaurus_rex_reviews)

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