Strain Review: Voyager Pheno 1 from Happy Camper Organics

Voyager pheno 1

Lineage/Genetics: Super Lemon Haze x Blue Sattilite 2.2 x Silverback Gorilla

Original Breeder: Unknown breeder

Grower: Unknown grower

Voyager Pheno 1 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Gifted by @theheirloomcellar

Appearance- Pretty dense tight nugs fill my bag, near perfect hand trim job has been performed, tones of forest green and grass green mix together rolling through the flower making way to entangled orange pistils wildly strewn throughout these fine examples of cannabis, lastly the surface is shining with a golden hue encompassed around the plant matter from the gleaming trichs that cover the weed entirely.

Smell- Immediately as I opened the bag the Super Lemon stuck out strong with a creamy stinging lemonyness to my nostrils, reminds me of that of a slight floor cleaner on the back end, once I cracked it open a slight spiced orange citrus emmmited and mixed together with the lemon flavor making me very pleasant with the bouquet to these flowers.

Taste-On my inhale, it is all super lemon, creamy smooth lemons absolutley delicious, I also love how it just coats my entire pallette and it just lingers, upon the exhale I recieve a nice citrusyness mixed with a earthy spiced hash like flavor, reminds me of those flavors from the early 2000s that when I used to get alot of those earthy organic flavors, the hits were smooth and delicious with little to no cough.

Effects-Instantly as I exhaled my first rip,I could feel the headchange begin, a slight building energy starts in the front of my forehead and I feel it carry to about the cowlick on the start of back of my head, a slight heaviness hits my arms as my muscles relax, the energy continues to climb as I am loading up my 2nd bong snap. As I exhale my 2nd hit a full halo forms and that energy just kind of bubbles, my mood is relaxed but my mind is picking up traction as it bounces from one thought to another, my mouth soon becomes extremly dry as I struggle to take notes while not trying to go off on a huge tangent as I am pretty fucking stoned after just two personal sized bong packs yet still functional, I load up one more as to stick to my rule of three. That’s the one that set me over the moon, the stone stretches through out my entire being. It’s zingy yet calming at the same time, some time passes and that zing subsides slightly and I mellow out from that sativa like buzz feeling relaxation and a weighted yet weightlessness,like a ballon with a weight tied to the end of its string.
I would reccomend this strain to the ones that love heavy hitters with a unique stone that smacks hard and will take you back to that old school flavor with effects from both parents starting off heavy sativa and molding itself into a transcending relaxing experience, if your new to toking I would say tread lightly.

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Check out more reviews by @cannasaurus_rex_reviews on Instagram! (

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