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Strain Review: Levels by The TEN co

Levels By Gifted by @surefire_co@surefire_va Lineage/Genetics: GSC x Cherry Pie x Headstash Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: The TENco Terpene Profile: Unknown

Levels Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Appearance-lets start off by talking these new bags, I myself was not a fan of them it was very difficult to get the package open with my fat fingers, I was afraid I would tear the seal and break it everytime I opened it, its great for child safety because if I struggled I could see this preventing little hands from opening. Once I finally got it open I was met with a bag full of large dense nugs that filled the bag up, I pulled the prize winner out, the nug had nice squish to it and provided a nice snap from the near perfect cure. A nice hand trim was performed on the flower leaving all that medicated goodness attatched to the sugar leaves that were left behind, color tones of lime green mix with tight clinging orange pistils that flow into scattered purples covered in trichs to the point that it coveres my fingers upon the breakdown, truly beautifully crafted. Smell-As soon as I opened the bag a very unique musk poured out of the bag, it was like a creamy smooth buttered popcorn with a sweet gas that slightly stings the nostrils on the back end, once broken down the popcorn scent is non existent and the sweet gas takes over completly filling the room to my delight. Taste- Upon my inhale that sweet gas covers my palate and sticks to my entire mouth, the hit is very smooth with little to no cough, as I exhale I am met with a clean smooth flavor with subtle gassy sweet notes attached to the back end, the flavor just rests in my mouth for a good time after, absolutely exceptional! Effects- This here is a potent one, after my first hit anytime I smoked this I could feel a instant headchange immediately after I exhale, a half halo wraps around the front of my forehead to the side of my head, a slight burst of energy builds starting in my lower body mixed with abit of anxiousness throughout, after my second pull I ease into a full halo, the buzz has now worked its way into my shoulders and back loosening muscles all the while the zing begins to pick up in my head, I could feel my stone elevate to the next level by my third and final toke the stone was extremly heavy, making me feel as if I am weighted in my lower body, my mind bounces to the things that need to get done anxious about it all(if you just do things this feeling subsides)this was great for myself as it lit a fire under me to get things done but could see this being very overwhelming for people new to cannabis, as time passes the halo is still there and the anxiousness has died down some but not entirely gone, if I stayed busy I was zooming moving from one thing to another, as long as I kept moving i was golden, it was also great to keep up with the pace of three kids, if I vegged out or even just sat for ten minutes I just zoned out into the world that is my mind and if someone called my name it took a few times for me to snap to it. Now some people may be thrown off by that popcorn smell and that may vary batch to batch but don’t let that steer you away,when it comes down to it the proof is in the product itself, how it smokes, how flavorful it is, and how that product takes care of you as a person medically, each persons system is different and you have to make that decision for yourself. I would reccomend this to anyone that enjoys a heavy long lasting hybrid stone. Great job to ten co they are crushing everything I have had the pleasure of toking by them, if you get a chance to grab the wazabi that is by far my all time favorite they have put out.
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Check out more reviews by @cannasaurus_rex_reviews on Instagram! (

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