Strain Review: GMO by Rosebud Growers

This GMO from @rosebudgrowers was really working the angles for my little photoshoot. As far as farms I’ve worked with, there are none I’ve enjoyed significantly more than these guys. They specifically asked me not to mention names because the weed is the star of their show. No Berner-esque fuckery here.

Lineage/Genetics: GSC x Chemdawg

Original Breeder: Divine Genetics

Grower: Rosebud Growers

Rosebud Growers GMO Strain Review

I’m the first to say I don’t smoke much GMO. I had kind of a bad experience with panic attacks following overconsumption of the GMO from @resin_ranchers.pdx, so I’ve been on a hiatus from the strain for a bit. I’m ready to get hurt again, though.

I gotta say, this is my favorite GMO I’ve had. It had this savory, dirty, “Honey I funked the terps” profile I really liked. It was lighter and more floral than a lot of GMO I’ve smelled while still holding those heavy, dirty smells. Kind of a mushroomy note, but more like the fun kind than a meaty portobello or porcini you eat for nutrition.

My roommate smelled it and immediately said “roasted garlic and parmesan”. I didn’t get those notes at first, but it’s that kinda thing where you may not notice it until someone else mentions it. That’s why I like tasting product with others (fucking pandemic).

The high hit like a wave. Crashes into your face and leaves you on your ass. Right as you get those dookie terps on the exhale, there’s this sensation that hits your face. Kinda melty, kinda punchy. It’s a good cut.

This is the best GMO I’ve had. I haven’t had much GMO, so that means virtually nothing, but this is my take on this shit coming in fresh. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re into the savory yard debris weed the kids are smoking these days.

When I was young, lemon or berry weed was notable. Now look where we are. Smoking poop weed. The future is fucking crazy.

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