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Strain Review: Runtz Cake by Stable Buster

I absolutely love that, living in Portland, I can walk maybe a mile in any direction and buy some weed from a dispensary with nothing more than an ID and an unreasonable amount of cash. That said, my favorite weed is always gonna come from the dude that drops it off at your back gate in a truck. Maybe not those specifics, but that’s the vibe I like. @stable.buster hooked your boy up with some samples from his farm. Runtz Cake, Wedding Cake, Chembow, and Woody OG. It’s all sun grown, and ridiculously potent. I’m gonna review my overall favorite today, but I’ll also try to mention the other one I really loved. Honestly, they both had some very similar qualities. Lineage/Genetics: Runtz x Cookies Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Stable Buster

Runtz Cake Strain Review

My favorite was Runtz Cake. Both it and the Wedding Cake had face melting, super strong highs. RC was more functional than the WC, so I found it to be easier to smoke during the day. The Wedding Cake has been the thing I’ve used to floor myself when I can’t sleep, this stuff is video gaming paradise. It was real gassy with that back end sweetness like the mediocre candy it gets its name from. Honestly, the terps were solid but nothing remarkable. I’ve really liked smoking this, but if you’re looking for that “exotic” vibe, you should be looking elsewhere. I’ve really enjoyed this, and I appreciate the hell out of Stabe for delivering it to me. If you’re ever given the opportunity to try his flower, I’d take it.
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Check out more reviews by @pdxstoneman on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pdxstoneman)

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