Strain Review: Cherry Lime Runtz by So Dank Exotics

Cherry 🍒 Lime 🏆 Runtz ⛽️ super limited (SB)

Parents/Lineage/Geentics – ( Cherry-limeade x Runtz )

Grower – So Dank Exotics @so_dank_exotics

Original Breeder: Unknown

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Cherry Lime Runtz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review by feartheterps

cherry lime runtz by so dank exotics strain review by feartheterps

Flavor – Cherry Lime Runtz was pack with delicious 🤤 flavors taste like cherry lime with runtz candy like a minute made cherry lime drink 🥤 flavors will stay on your taste buds after you finish 💨

Potency – Super strong on the inhale linger on the lungs after exhale 😮‍💨 like you got smoke still inside your lungs kinda like hitting a dab out a rig with that crazy flavor with that cherry and lime fruity flavor insanely Good 🤤

Rate Overall – If I had to rate @so_dank_exotics Cherry 🍒 Lime runtz first I would smoke 💨 this forever & all day if I could 10 outta 10 from Smell , touch , super potent 😮‍💨 super frosty

Aroma – Cherries , limes , lemon , fruit , Or a fruit smoothie

I will put this strain down as one of my favorite strains hands down the terps and power is unmatched I can keep smoking Cherry Lime runtz by @so_dank_exotics all day long !!! One of my personal new favorite too put on my list of top favorites so dank is really what this experience was 😮‍💨

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Check out more reviews by @feartheterpss on Instagram! (

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