Strain Review: Cold Snap by Focus North Gardens

I haven’t fully decided what kind of regularity I’m gonna be putting out reviews. Sometimes I actually want to and I’m feeling good about it, but life comes up. Why didn’t anyone warn me that I’d have less time to pursue my hobbies when I started working full time?

As a consequence of my delay, I’ve been sitting on this Cold Snap from @focusnorthgardens for a good minute now. In my haste to get this out, I didn’t have time to get much information when it comes to lineage or anything, but y’all know Focus North. The info is out there and I can’t do everything for you.

Lineage/Genetics: Biscotti x The Menthol

Original Breeder: WyEast Farms

Grower: Focus North Gardens

Dispensary: Oregrown

Cold Snap Strain Review

I really like the smell on this. It’s a gassy one. Sweet fuel on the nose with this subtle mintiness that kicks up to 11 when the nugs get broken down. The profile changes when you break them open, and I really dig that. Most of the time a strain will just smell stronger when broken, but the added complexity is something you don’t see much.

The high stands out to me as well. It’s got a nice dreamy headspace to it that’s well suited for chilling out with music or taking a night walk. That dreaminess makes it not so ideal for tasks that require focus, so it’s a good after work smoke. It’s also a fairly strong high. Not sleepy or sedative, but you feel it pretty immediately on the exhale. You won’t be questioning whether or not you’re high.

I grabbed this at @oregrownindustries. They’re a good spot, but at this point everyone has their favorite spot for Focus North flower. They’re not exactly a hidden gem any more.

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