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Strain Review: Lemon Cherry Terdz by Eastwood Gardens

My biggest criticism of @eastwood_portland is that their flower feels like different shades of the same gray. Yes, their different offerings have their own unique qualities, but they all have this gassy/funky quality sitting in the background. I gotta say, they managed some unique terps with this @cloutking.returns collab. Let’s get into Lemon Cherry Terdz. Lineage/Genetics: Lemon Tree x Terdz Original Breeder: Clout King Grower: Eastwood Gardens Terpene Profile: Unknown Dispensary: Treehouse Collective

Lemon Cherry Terdz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

It’s got a lemon drop vibe to the smell. Sweet lemon, but with that kinda zesty kick. It’s got a very strong Gelato vibe to it in general, but to call it Gelato terps would be a disservice to the complexity. I’m pretty impressed with this one. Smoke report is positive. To call Eastwood’s weed smooth would be inaccurate. This is, however, the smoothest offering I’ve had from them. It smokes well, especially after sitting in the jar for a few days. Probably something to do with the harvest date in early March. The high is strong as fuck, but also nice and functional. It’s been my go to for smoking before closing shifts. Helps with my back pain, puts me in a good humor, but doesn’t leave me looking fucked up or unable to follow what’s happening around me. That’s what I look for in a daytime smoke these days. I basically just shop at @thc.503 these days. Any rec weed I review comes from there unless otherwise specified now.
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Check out more reviews by @pdxstoneman on Instagram! (

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