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Strain Review: Whitethorn Rose by Huckleberry Hill Farms

Whitethorn Rose Lineage/Genetics: Paradise Punch x Lemon OG Original Breeder: Huckleberry Hill Farms Grower: Huckleberry Hill Farms Dist: Redwood Roots Buy Seeds from Huckleberry Hill Farms: Tangled Roots Store (Use coupon code: ‘THC10’ to save 10%) Terpene Profile:

Whitethorn Rose Strain Review

whitethorn rose by huckleberry hill farms strain review by cannasaurus_rex_reviews 2Bred & Cultivated by @huckleberryhillfarms Collab with @tangledroots_community Lineage-Paridise Punch × Lemon OG Paridise Punch =Blackberry Kush x Lavender Berry Lemon OG=OG #18 x Las Vegas Lemon Skunk Huckleberry Hill Farms a beyond organic farm powered by solar and rainwater rests in the wild hills of the Emerald Triangle, Humboldt to be exact, they are second generation farmers, each and every strain on the property are bred with love and care. This vision all started in the 1970s when John Casali, his mom and his step dad moved to humbodlt obtained a piece of land and that is where this farm still resides today, each strain that is grown on the land is bred with something that John’s mother created, when John was only 24 he was arrested and imprisoned to a ten year sentence and sadly his mom passed on while serving his sentence, the farm is now operated by Casali and his wife who you can tell have very high ethics when creating their masterpieces, without further ado let’s dive into another full fledged cannabis breakdown. Appearance-When I opened the jar, a cardboard labled divider split the two strains up, I decided to do the Whitethorn Rose first based of the fact that it is deffinetly a sativa leaning strain, beautiful fluffy hand trimmed dense nugs pour out upon my tray, my eyes become wide as I gaze into the grape toned purples that fade into grass and forest green tones left over from the remaining sugar leaf, orange pistils wildly wrap themselves in between the purple tones and finish of with a beautiful sheen of bulbous thrichomes shining like a fresh new pair of chrome twenty twos, absolutely stunning. Smell-At my first sniff out of the jar I recieve flavors of a clean and organic earth that mixes with a hint of lavender and finishes of with a smooth creamy berry, once I cracked the nug open a heavy citrus washes over me, a lemony orangey musk overwhelms the entire room a very unique fruity profile that makes me just want to just stick the nugs in my nose so I can smell this all day, just a complete Terptopia that I never want to leave…continued in comments ⬇️ Taste-It’s been a while since I have rolled a joint up so thats the route I went, On the dry pull of the jay I am met with a sweet sugary fruit meledy, a mixture of grape, citrus, lemon and a hint of sweet juicy ripe cantelope, wow just wow. Upon my initial inhale that same sweetness comes through sticking to my tounge and roof of my mouth, flavors of berry stick out and shift ever so slightly to notes of citrus with an organic earthiness that attaches itself on the back end. As I exhaled the hit was extremely smooth even once down to the roach with mostly a clean organic hashy earthy taste. There are alot of different levels of tastes here and was quite complex to pick up on as the many changes and mixes of flavors deffinetly one of the best tasting flowers I have had in 2021. Effects-So around half way is where the stone really begins to pick up for me, not in a zingy way but I feel alert, very focused and very awake, able to think about several things and process them quite fast like laser focus, I actually have been smoking this strain every time I have smoked today and I was able to get everything that I needed to get done while feeling absolutely great all day with absolutley no crash, just a clean motivating stone, as my doobie burns down the stone works its way into my shoulders and my back removing any tension that was there before, the high is not intense but is like coasting along hovering riding a wave thats just constant and lasted in 3 to 4 hour stones depending on how deep I went in on the jar. I would reccomend this for new tokers anconnisuers of flavor and tokers that enjoy a clear headed buzz with muscle relaxing effectsstone that uplifts you and makes you just want to do anything from mowing the grass to folding the laundry. @huckleberryhillfarms has done a wonderful job with breeding and cultivating this cut of Whitethorn Rose in every aspect, the coa comes in at 21.41 THC but I do wish there were listed results for terpene percentages I think more companies should be practicing this in general, just flavor for days #cannabiscommunity #cannabisphotography #macrophotography #lovewhatyoudo #cannabisreviews #greenhouse #beyondorganic #weedreviews #californiacannabis #terps
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Check out more reviews by @cannasaurus_rex_reviews on Instagram! (

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