Cultivar Review: Emerald Cut by Cookies New Jersey

#EmeraldCut by @cookies.newjersey x @cookiesenterprise

Lineage – wedding cake f3 x Sherb bx1

Cultivated by: Cookies New Jersey x Apothecarium NJ x Terrascend @cookies.newjersey x @apothecariumnj @terrascend x @nickkd7

Bred by: Seed Junky Genetics  @beezyblends

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dispensary: Apothecarium NJ

Emerald Cut Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

@apothecariumnj @terrascend
I was invited to the grand opening of the @cookies.newjersey x @apothecariumnj x @gagecannabis . It is an honor to review their newest batch of the Emerald Cut . It was harvest in June 29,2022. The thc levels rated to 29 %, 1.98 % terps, highest terp is the caryophyllene. The nugs came in the infamous cookies bag with the C logo but not spelling cookies( Due to NJ state laws) marketing for kids(interesting🤔). Two big 1.5 nugs with a blend of kale 🥬 green buds, carrot color pistils, with sherb bx purple blue color hues.

The palate is a musky Dijon mustard, earthy, gas, mix of caryophyllene, linalool, humalene. It has a pungent creamy, diesel gas mustard after taste This plant remind me of some sherb bx and jealousy. Couch locked, chest stomper fumes, sherb bx learner similar to permanent marker and scratch and sniff. The scent gave me that sherb bx pungent floral, sweet aroma. The effects are a heavy intense high for the first 1 hour. It starts fading after 1.5 still feeling it in the body for 2 hours. Emerald cut impressed due to its potency and rapid high . The high started around 6-7 pulls in. The smoke is a combine blend of smooth and harshness due to the fuel. It’s not a harshness that Irritate the throat more of a harshness of 💨, big difference. I smoked for my lunch break had to cut it in half, not to come in so smack. First time I smoked it was with @167tu_exotics and he felt that potency as well. There was nothing wrong with Emerald cut the ashes burn more salt and barely no pepper. The ashes burned the same thru the whole sesh with a drip 💧. Overall it’s called emerald cut for a reason. The flower smacks and will put you on your ass . Shoutout to @beezyblends for the Information on the flower. I actually thought it had some jealousy from the beginning instead it has its daddy sherb Bx. If you go over to @cookies.newjersey x @apothecariumnj get that Emerald Cut.. 4.7/5
#cookiesnewjersey #gagecannabis #theapothecariumnj



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