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Strain Review: Pan Dulce by Stack House

Pan Dulce🍬🍫 Review Lineage/Genetics: Blueberry x Blue Dream x SFV x GSC x True OG Original Breeder: 710 Labs Grower: Stack House Dispensary: CA Collective

Stack House Pan Dulce Review

. 33.94% THC . @moss_landing_family_farms @cacollectivesj @stackviewca @stackview . 🔥I haven’t seen any Stack House reviews so here yall go💯 with one. . 💯These nugs lookes a amazing, they were fluffy soft sticky and dense with a looser kush structure. The trichome layer was incredibly thick and frosty completely covering each nug like it was rolled in flour and sugar. The outer leaves are deep purple with some having dark forest green hues. The buds have mostly lime green colors with purple developing streak clusters. The pistols are a lightly toasted orange ,hairy and bold. The colors balance together well but the trichomes cake on to really give it that Pan Dulce aesthetic. . 🍫Super strong aroma upon opening jar, you get musky ground coffe aroma blended with earthy spice. The aroma really hit you in the nose of the first open. . 🍬Heavy and potent flavorful smoke. Tastes like pungent earth and coffee cake with strong spices buried deep, adding a nice kick to every hit. The flavor is consistent and but the aroma fades. . 🍫A powerful indica dominant high, I first got a hazey uplifting feeling in my body and my head had a hazey feeling between my eyes, I felt like it was floating on water. Great mood enhancer, creative high with focus boost and pain/ache relief. This was my first smoke of the day at around 530 pm on Cinco De Mayo. It cut through all my frustrations (dealing with health insurance) and really helped me get into a better mood. I was motivated to knock out this review but my body was definitely couchlocked and feeing good. I had no motivation to be active, I iust wanted to chill, binge watch videos, play music and eat snacks. The overall experience kind of brought me back to when you I was kid with my favorite snacks, in my own world having fun.
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