Strain Review: Sour Banana Sherbert by Farm Fresh Organics

Sour Banana Sherbet (AJ’s Sour Diesel x Banana Sherbet) by @farmfreshorganics_

Lineage/Genetics: AJ’s Sour Diesel x Banana Sherbet

Original Breeder: Crockett Family Farms

Grower: Farm Fresh Organics

Sour Banana Sherbert Strain Review

This delicious sounding strain was one I had not tried yet and also from a new grower. The crosses sound phenomenal so I was excited to get into this one!

First glance you get these luscious light green buds covered in frost❄️ However what sold me were the ridiculous pistols this shit was packing🔫 Personally my favorite part of the cannabis🔥These nugs were very fresh and dense like a sour dough loaf straight out the oven🍞

The aroma this stuff gives off had me glued to my jar nonstop sniffing. Some of the most unique pungent/sour flower i’ve encountered. Very strong sweet & sour with hints of warm banana peel, pinesol and kush🍌⛽️ One of the most unique flavors i’ve encountered in a long time🤤

The flavor however is where my excitement slowly declined..Anticipating some sweet & sour flavors with a possible banana undertone but not even close. Harsh sour musk with a woody finish. Also coated my throat and lungs in an unsettling resiny feel. Big hell no for me🚯Very confusing considering it was fresh and had terps. Always problems in the curing stages🤷🏽‍♂️

My low spirits started to slowly pick back up once this sherbet kicked in. Creeps up in the head creating a spacey airy feeling as if you were starring in an airhead commercial😂🎈Once you land back on the ground that indica tsunami crashes behind your eyes then flows throughout the entire body all the way to the feet🦶🏼Leaves your whole body buzzing while feeling incredibly upbeat and chilllll😎

Everything was a hit except the flavor which is a huge disappointment for me considering most of us are connoisseurs. I want to say i’d give it another try but the flavor was just bad if i’m going to keep it 💯. Something I sadly could not enjoy. In my opinion, If it smokes like shit and tastes like shit then how is it even possible to enjoy?

What’s your guys experience with @farmfreshorganics_? Let me know!👇🏽

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Check out more reviews by @slumpysmokes on Instagram! (

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