Strain Review: Tang Breathe by Farm Fresh Organics

Tang Breathe (Tang Breath) by @farmfreshorganics_

Lineage/Genetics: (Tropicana Cookies x Mendo Breathe)

Original Breeder: Oni Seed Co.

Grower: Farm Fresh Organics

Tang Breath Strain Review

This was my second time around with FarmFresh and if any of you saw my stories for the past month or so this one had full control of the spotlight📸 Unlike others, i’m a HUGE fan of ANYTHING citrus and my nose/lungs will never think different😂 So obviously y’all know I was ecstatic to get into this one!

Absolutely gorgeous medium sized buds surrounded by not only trichomes but an absurd amount of light orange hairs. Peppered in purple, this strain is very dense and will leave your fingers looking like your keef catcher.

The second I cracked the seal, I felt like a kid on christmas day when he realized he got that PS5. Happy, excited, and impatient😂 That signature citrus from the tropicana absolutely takes over the mendo with almost a kind of carroty aroma🥕But not just any carrots, a FRESH bag of those BABY carrots to be exact😂 Broken up the carroty citrus is amplified. Every time I smell the jar I feel like i’m about to smoke happiness🥰

On the inhale you’re met by the sweet smooth tropicana..then mendo pulls up and mixes himself into the equation before tropicana gets too much credit. Creating a well balanced sweet citrus musk mixture that ends with the musk lingering on the tongue. Very enjoyable in my opinion because both strains are portrayed quite well so neither have more power over the other.

Just like the flavor, the effects are extremely well balanced. Like a whirlpool, you can feel your head start to get heavy and wavy. Whirling it’s way down behind the eyes hefty but does not make you feel like squints. Quickly starts to melt down the shoulders then legs creating the beloved full body buzz🐝 This one is a “get lost in your thoughts” type of high where you think of anything and everything from song lyrics to orange chicken. Quite potent for a tropicana cross🥊

I’d have to say this was one of my favorites of 2020 no doubt. Probably because this was really the only tropicana I smoked😂 Nevertheless the freshness was on point and tbh I’m reviewing this a month and 2 days after purchasing this. Saved the last of the nug on the right to see if it really held its

freshness and it passed with flying colors. I enjoyed every second of this flower especially when you break it up finger style and see all the beautiful colors. From the aroma, the flavor and the high, this tang kept the same energy all month💯 If you’re a citrus head and see this stuff on the shelves again, I highly recommend you check it out!
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