Dab Review: Tally Mon Live Rosin by Verdant Leaf

Tally Mon (Papaya x (Banana OG x Do-si-dos)) by @theverdantleaf ✨

Lineage/Genetics: ((Banana OG x Do-Si-Dos) x Papaya)

Breeder: Oni Seed Co.

Processor: Verdant Leaf

Verdant Tally Mon Live Rosin Review

tally mon live rosin by verdant leaf dab review by pnw_chronic 2The Tally Mon is a charming butterscotch-tinted live rosin. It is a mostly solid batter that’s drenched in a wet layer of terpenes, giving it a saucy consistency. The concentrate is somewhat malleable with a fluid elasticity, requiring slight working to get a desired amount onto a dab tool. It melts off easily, however. Overall, its an attractive concentrate 🤩

The nose on the Tally Mon is great. It’s a sweet, fruity profile that is mostly characterized by banana. It has a muted earthy and seasoned undertone that reminds me of a spice drawer. For the most part I would compare the combination to a baked banana cobbler. Overall, the smell is soft, but fragrant and pleasant 🥧

The taste on the Tally Mon is enjoyable and ephemeral. The foremost flavor is fruity banana. Like with the nose, the banana has a touch of seasoning that reminds me of nutmeg, or some other type of rich spice. The concentrate has a faint monoterpene burn at higher temperatures. I liked the flavoring and found it to be relatively tasty on lower temperatures, but it was still slightly muffled on the whole 🍌

The effect on the Tally Mon is outstanding. It has a powerful cerebral high that punches hard initially and leaves some cognitive fogginess behind. It also has light to moderate body effects without too much couch lock. The concentrate burns relatively cleanly with minimal harshness when dabbing. By and large, I found it to be satisfying dab 😶‍🌫️

All in all, the Tally Mon by Verdant is a solid concentrate. I’ve had other batches of Tally Mon by Verdant, and I know it to be a reliable product that has solid nose, flavor, and packs a punch. This batch was more muted in terms of smell and flavor than I was anticipating given my prior experiences. I will say, this gram has been out for 4 months, so it may not be the best sample for this review. I wouldn’t count Verdant out, I think they are a great budget level choice for clean, safe rosin and I enjoy their products 🔥

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